Sao Beach Phu Quoc

Thom beach

Duong Dong road north of the island- with a length of 30km is like the fabric connecting the sky with mountains: here locates  the superb Khu Tuong mountain like a half-closed sleeping elephant. There are green pepper gardens in series to hill base and the Ham Ninh range. The nearer you reach, the more densely trees grow. On the trail leading into the forest, tourists sometimes see slopes and clean springs flowing across
The forest and mountains in the same rolling unfrequented color and pure atmosphere totally relax tourists.

Thom beach – an area of clouds, water and houses- was founded in 1993, one side is the mouth of canal Ba Cai.

The beach is similar as Ham Ninh beach. At low tide, the water goes down leaving behind it a boundless white sandy beach with some puddles. On the sand, ten thousands of busy sand crabs seem to want to finish the wavy sanded sculpture

before the tide rises.

The beach is still primitive and landscape seems to remain untouched.

Stunted poplars pensively stand. Some are immeasurably high as if to challenge wind and waves; some others yield and grow along the shore as if to wait for the rise tide to steep in the fresh water.

The end of the beach is Mot islet covered with a fresh green color. The islet is separated at the high tide and connected by the sand beach with the island at the low tide. Here is like a full stop of Chua mountain (605m high).

Ta Lon mountain (Cambodia) is lofty and close up to the blue sky when seen from front. Behind, the dark majestic Ta Lon mountain affects tourists: maybe the rise of the water sea or the collapse of the earth in certain ice-age  parted two mountains from each other.