Sao Beach Phu Quoc

The specialities

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is a very common and rural but unlackable and close-knit to Vietnamese people in their daily life as well as their cuisine hobby.

Phu Quoc pearl

According to the evaluation of culture pearl specialists, Phu Quoc pearl is ranked the world’s best kind. Previously, it is for Lords and noble class. However, it is today the high-grade jewelry f...

Tomentose rose myrtle alcohol

The tomentose rose myrtle fruit is a special one which is present throughout Vietnam, but in Phu Quoc it is “sublimated” into a special alcohol with fascinating violet.

Phu Quoc dogs

They are famous for their cleverness and listed the world’s rare dogs in French dictionary-Larousse. Here are some features of Phu Quoc dogs.